Speedseats Website Revamp

After countless feedback sessions and hours of website building, the new Speedseats webshop is finally live! A lot of work has gone into the creation of this new website to make sure everything is as simple as possible so our customers are able to find what they need without having to go through a confusing maze of menus.

What changed exactly?

  • Total style revamp: We now chose a white and blue color scheme to go with our brand identity.
  • Browsing for a chair is easier than ever: No more confusing menus or having to go to different product pages to try a new color. All series are now in one product page where you can select different color models.
  • Rental process revamp: Renting has been made super easy. Hovering over the "rent a speedseat" menu now gives you a list of events in chronological order. You can also view the full event list by clicking the designated menu link. After that just pick a model and you're ready to go.
  • News: Congratulations! Looks like you already found the news if you're reading this! When new partners, events, etc... are added to the website you will find it in the news section.
  • Showroom menu button: We now have a functioning map! On our previous website, the map widget displayed the wrong address and people were unable to find our showroom.
  • FAQ page: For your convenience, we have added a FAQ page to make sure you have answers ready when you need them.
  • Partner page revamp: All partners are now displayed on our website together with information on how to obtain a partnership with Speedseats.

We hope you enjoy browsing on our new website, for any questions please use the support page.