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Battledock gaming desk! A cool glowing desk for gamers. The battledock gaming desk is designed to match the height level and to make the seating most comfortable for the user. This desk comes with a controller for keeping the speed of the lighting and the glow as per your preference.

The ideal screen distance, right posture, height for the screen level, are all factors that have been considered while making the battledock gaming desk. The top surface is made from the satin finish for better reflections. So, if you want to enjoy a long gaming session, this is just the right desk for you!

The desktop is most suited to give the most comfort to the hand and wrist while playing. The feet bars perform the dual function of supporting the table and also serve as a nice platform to put your feet up.

Join the battle and win!


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Battledock Gaming Desk

Battledock Gaming Desk

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