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Speedseats Tuxedo Series - Red



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The quality of the previous Speedseat chairs was good, but these new Tuxedo series go a step further in quality and seating comfort.

Here you will find the most important improvement points :

  • The tilt system has been upgraded, allowing it to lock in different positions
  • The shape of the cushions has been adjusted
  • The cushion cover is now in a super soft fabric that never feels cold and makes the cushion even softer
  • The upholstery is now in black artificial leather that, in addition, feels very flexible

Thanks to the adjustable armrests, fully adjustable backrest (between 90-170 degrees) and height adjustable seating you can adapt the chair to fit your personal preference.

The 360-degree swivel chair rests on an extremely sturdy plastic star-shaped base. You can also adjust the seating-height and the Class 4 gas lift holds weights up to 120kg.

The seats come with an extra neck-support pillow and an adjustable lumbar-support pillow.

Gamers and office workers often have health problems due to poor posture. This is where a Speedseats chair can help !
The shape of the chair, the cushions and the high density cold foam in the seating will help you to always maintain a good posture so you can work or play for hours.

You can also easily adapt the backrest of the chair; you can set is as a rocking-chair or secure a fixed position. You can also put the backrest completely flat so you can comfortably relax during a break, or catch a movie or even just take a nap in your chair.

The swivel casters are made of plastic and roll smoothly on a flat surface. Optionally, you can replace these casters by the Speedseats ​​Race-wheels for smoother and faster movements.

Speedseats guarantees a high quality chair that will last for years and which was made with great care and attention to details.


Aankoop stoel.

Ik ben op aanraden van mijn zoon die al een stoel had van Speedseats gaan kijken op de site. Daar zag ik een aantal mooie stoelen staan die mij aanstonden. Na een stoel besteld te hebben heb ik gebeld en met Guy overleg gehad hoe de stoel zou zitten, hij adviseerde mij om de Tuxedo te nemen. Dat heb ik gedaan en vrijdags werd de stoel bezorgd door een collega van Speedseats. Nadat ik hem in elkaar had gezet heb ik hem uitvoerig getest. Hat advies van Guy was een goede en ik ben heel erg blij met deze stoel. Vriendelijkheid en alles is mogelijk, dat is heel goed, dat maak je zelden nog mee. Guy bedankt !

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Speedseats Tuxedo Series - Red

Speedseats Tuxedo Series - Red

EAN: 7438225685642

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